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KALP GmbH is an innovative, dynamic company situated in the very north of Germany. In 2008 the company was incorporated by ship engineer Rainer Kapelski, who has over 25 years of experience in the maritime and container terminal industry. Through his vast experience and his studies of marine engineering, Rainer Kapelski was able to merge manual work on a container terminal with advanced technology and develop the ALP – the Automatic Lashing Platform.

Since 2006, the very early stages of the manifestation of the idea, Rainer Kapelski had cooperational support for technical know-how from Hydac International (hydraulic specialists) and the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, faculty of mathematics and engineering. Succesive experts in container terminal operations joined the team; so that within the company expert industry knowledge pairs up with our internal expertise. That is why we can ensure a development of a product - the ALP - which meets actual industry requirements.

Soon after the start of the practical development process we attracted a leading European terminal operator as cooperation partner for the ALP prototype project. This dynamic partnership has further enhanced the product development, providing us with first hand industry input and a live and authentic terminal environment for testing the prototype.

The vast experience of KALP GmbH has already proven fruitful and been used beneficially for the company. With our internal knowledge in cooperation and association with industry experts and consultants we are also in a position to offer industry support and assistance in developing solutions.

KALP GmbH is an innovative, fast moving company that has developed and is developing up-and-coming equipment for container handling processes; primarily focusing on safety, environmental aspects, cost saving and productivity requirements.

We look forward to further developing the KALP brand and our products throughout 2020 and to securing our place in the industry market.

We make work safer and easier!